Friday, April 30, 2010

35P2 Rice Cooking Test

Off-Grid Cooking
By choice or by fate!
Cooking without electricity or petroleum products
Cooking with wood, charcoal or other biomass

35P2 Rice Cooking Test
Biomass Fired Appliances Designs by Lanny Henson
My current purpose is to develop biomass fired appliance designs, for people in developing areas, mostly cooking stoves that burn wood, charcoal, or other biomass.

The 35P2 Cooker.
I am very excited about my latest design prototype.
It is a large size cooker, that holds 35 gallons, and cooks up to 30 gallons.
It will cook hundreds of meals a day.

The 35P2 is clean burning, and is incredibly efficient.
It is a wood fired cooker that needs no electricity or gas.
It is a bad weather cooker, and will function in situations where shelter is at a minimum.

In this cooking test 10 pounds of wood cooked 183.6 pounds of rice, 504 servings, in 1.5 hours, from start up.
1 gram of wood cooked 18.36 grams of rice! I believe that is the most efficient score for cooking with wood.

35P2 Cooker
Video of the 35P2 Cooking Test

I am very pleased with the second prototype.
It is very functional, and easy to use.
It is a clean burning wood fired cooker, as seen by the clear exhaust in the video. There is no visible smoke, This is important because a smoky stove would be too offensive in a crowded settlement.
Is very fuel efficient 16 pounds of wood will boil and simmer 25 gallons of water long enough to cook pinto beans.
It performs well in bad weather, it will cook outside in the wind an rain.
I am confident that it will be a practical design.
It should take only a couple more prototypes to have a cooker ready to field test.
This cooker could be very helpful for the tent settlements in Haiti.
I am excited about an opportunity to test and implement a stove program in Haiti. I am working with a non profit origination AHAMES, Harold the principle, is a US citizen born in Haiti. He has staff, family, and land in Haiti. AHAMES has the human resources to implement a program in Haiti.
Unfortunately the earthquake has strained AHAMES financial resources. AHAMES has a medical clinic with 5 doctors and other staff and volunteers in Haiti. They do have human resources in Haiti but no funding for stove projects.
We are confided that we can get funding to implement a stove project, but it will be later.

Appeal For Support
I have done a lot of work already on this design and the results are very good. The design concept has proven its self to me, to be worthy.
I have always been self funded. This is my first appeal for support.
I did not want to ask for help until I thought that there was a good chance of success. I am very pragmatic and I do not expect anything less from my supporters.
So now I am asking your help!
This is the time when your help will have a maximum impact.
Even a small amount will show moral support an help purchase materials.

If you would like to make a larger “Tax deductible donation” I will have an opportunity for that soon.

I am also open to collaboration with non profit or for profit organizations to develop and disseminate biomass cooking stoves.

Thanks for viewing, stay around for more video of the 35P2 Cooker,

Don't be out of luck when you are out of power. Be an Off-Grid Cooker!

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  1. I am planning to live off the grid, and I would like to have a stove to cook and heat my home.
    How do I go about getting one of these fabulous inventions of yours?