Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to Off-Grid Cooking

Off-Grid Cooking
By choice or by fate!
Cooking without electricity or petroleum products
Cooking with wood, charcoal, biomass, and solar energy

Off-Grid Cooking is about cooking without electricity or petroleum products.
It is about cooking with wood, charcoal, biomass and solar energy.

Off-Grid Cooking is for, people in developing areas, for camping,
and for outdoor living, as well as for emergency preparedness.

Off-Grid Cooking, for now, is about biomass fired appliances designs by Lanny Henson.

My current purpose is to develop biomass fired appliance designs, for people in developing areas, mostly cooking stoves that burn wood, charcoal, or other biomass.

The 35P2 Cooker
I am very excited about my latest design.
It is a larger size emergency cooker, that holds 35 gallons, and cooks up to 30 gallons.
It will cook hundreds of meals a day.
It is clean burning, is incredibly efficient, and easy to use, even in bad weather.

I will tell you more about the 35P2 and some other designs as I go, so please follow the Off-Grid Cooking Blog.

Some of the designs, that I will be discussing, can be seen on YouTube.
I will do a blog for each.

The Bamboo Fired Bean Cooker cooked 7 kilograms of pintos with only 700 grams of bamboo

The Two-Can Stove and the 3 how to build videos

The Pop-Up Two Buck Stove

The Wood Fired Grill

The Hybrid Stove

The Pop-Up Fosters Pot/Fin Shells one tablespoon of alcohol cooked 600 gr of rice

The Green Pail Retained Heat Cooker

New Alcohol Stove Construction Methods and Tools

Thanks for viewing, please follow the Off-Grid Cooking Blog,
Off-Grid Cooker

Off-Grid Cooking - Don't be out of luck when you are out of power!


  1. Hello Lanny, good luck with the blog, looking forward for the blog entry for each design!

  2. Lanny have you got plans for the pop-up Foster's cooking pot? Care to share? I really like that double wall design but have no idea how you made the faceted inner wall.

  3. e have a scl in haiti and your stove would be great for cooking rice/food for the school could you please send more details on how much one would cost? please email me at thanks...chris

  4. Hi Lanny, I really like your work, it would be great here in Nicaragua, so much biomass is burned in little more than three stone stoves here.

  5. What other kitchen wood cooking stoves is there available on the market. And where could I find information on how to cook on a Antique stove ?